Each piece is a unique hand emroidery made out of cotton. 
The textile was mounted on a cardboard and laminated on the back with a high quality paper. Each picture has a knotted ribbon attached for hanging.

Er (2016)

A portrait of a drawing.

Dimension and material:
14 x 10 cm. Cotton, cardboard, paper

Who (2016)

That person, who looks directly and clearly at someone. An invitation to confrontation.

Dimension and material:
10 x 16,5 cm. Cotton, cardboard, paper

Lucian mit Hund (2016)

An interpretation of  Lucian Freud's painting Girl With A White Dog 1950-1.

Dimension and material:
26 x 22 cm. Cotton, cardboard, paper

Griff ins Leere (2014)

It's about eaching something you can't touch. A mirage.

Dimension and material:
25 x 21 cm. Cotton, cardboard, paper

Hand (2013)

My owen embroidered hand print on a blue fabric.